Only a few dozen rare Dalmatian pelicans remain in the Karavasta lagoon, down from hundreds in the 1980s, as hunting and wildcat development take their toll. The bridge that connects that seaside village of Divjaka with the Karavasta lagoon is barely passable. The dredge that helps deepen the canal between the lagoon and the sea […]
APOLLONIA Apollonia was established by Greek colonists from Corfu and Corinth and developed into one of the most important ancient Greek cities in Illyria. The city flourished during the Roman period but was abandoned by late antiquity. An onsite museum has some of the finest artefacts from the site on display, including a spectacular mosaic […]
Albania is a country that until now is only recognized by a few travelers, although the country on the Mediterranean Sea has many advantages. It is for example much cheaper and less crowded than more popular holiday countries. Those loving the wild nature, charm and Mediterranean air should take a chance on Albania. Do this […]